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I-765 Form: Application for Employment Authorization Confirmation Receipt LIN1280303199 USCIS Receipt Number: ASC Fingerprint Code: Date of Submission: 07/10/2012 First Name: Ma Cristina Middle Name: Viloria Family Name: delos Reyes Organization Name: Filing Fee: $ 380.00 Biometrics Fee: $ 0.00 Total Amount Paid: $ 380.00 Electronic Bank Account Debit Paid by: Thank you for e-Filing your application. Your receipt number is listed at the top of this page. We will mail you an official Receipt Notice (Form I-797C) with the same number, which you should receive within 10 days. These are the next steps in the application process: You MUST send us your supporting documentation before we will process your application. Use this confirmation receipt as a cover page and mail your documents to: USCIS Nebraska Service Center ATTN: E-Filed I-765 P.O. Box 87373 Lincoln, NE 68501-7373 • The form instructions, which can be found at, list the required documents. • Submit photos and copies of your identification if required. • Do not send your e-Filed form or unrelated documents, applications, or payments. • Keep a copy of this receipt and your application and supporting documents. We will mail you an appointment notice to have your photograph and/or fingerprints taken at a USCIS Application Support Center (ASC). • Follow the notice instructions, which will tell you the time, date and location of your appointment. • Do not go to the ASC prior to receiving your appointment notice. You must bring these items to your appointment, or it will be rescheduled: • Your appointment notice. • Your photo identification (e.g., Passport, Driver's License, or State-issued photo identification card). If you have questions about your application or need assistance you may: Call our National Customer Service Center at

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