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KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK FOR THE MALAYSIAN CONSTRUCTION CONSULTING COMPANIES (IRPA project vote no. 74320) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT On behalf of the IRPA 74230 team members, I would like to convey our gratitude to Allah Al-Mighty for giving us the drive and motivation to complete this study. I would also like to thank the respondents who contributed significantly by participating in the Delphi study and answering the questionnaires. On a personal note, I would like to convey my greatest appreciation to Professor Dr. Erik deBruijn who provided valuable input to the report even though promises to pay for his stay in Malaysia could not be fulfilled. Finally, I wish to put across my gratefulness to my sparring partner, Brother Ade Asmi whose inquiring mind never ceased to push me to the limit throughout the duration of the project. Thank you to Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation for being generous in the provision of IRPA funds for this research project, and RMC, UTM for being the fund manager, even though it was not fully utilised. . . . Associate Professor Dr. Amran Md. Rasli Project Leader 74230 ii ABSTRACT This study is aimed to develop a framework that integrates knowledge management (KM) and information technology infrastructure (ITI) capabilities for the Malaysian construction consulting companies. A systematic two-step approach using the Delphi technique followed by a survey questionnaire was able to solicit responses by 19 experts and 122 consultants respectively. A rigorous statistical approach to ascertain data validity and reliability is conducted using factor analysis and Cronbach’s alpha respectively. Subsequently, independent sample t-tests were performed to demarcate KM attributes into either ‘exploitive’ or ‘explorative’, as well as ITI capabilities into either ‘exclusive’ or ‘standardised’. Through the integration of the findings,

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