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Paper Yeah! This document reviews my learning experience and understanding of the material covered in our Organizational Behavior course. Throughout the course, I have come to understand myself better. I learned what characteristics I have, and what characteristics I need to improve on in order to become a successful manager. Through this process, I have also come to discover the type of work environment that will bring out the best in me at a professional managerial level. Through out the paper I will include experiences in this course, as well as experiences in my Industrial Organizational Psychology course. This course also contributed to my learning experience and supplemented the material covered in our Organizational Behavior course. I will also include a personal profile that sums up my characteristics as a future employee or manager. Then, I will describe the type of group and environment where I would feel most comfortable to succeed based on my personal profile. Lastly, I will provide an ideal organization that would be the best fit for me as an employee, manager, and leader. My experience this semester was very insightful. I had a unique experience in which I took this Organizational Behavior course at the same with Industrial Organizational Psychology. Taking these two courses gave me the advantage of seeing issues in the same topics from different perspectives. In my OB class, I learned how I would probably be as a manager. This is due to all the in-class activities and assessments. I learned many new traits and personalities that I possess, that I didn’t really pay much attention to before this course. Understanding these characteristics play a role in becoming a successful manager, it will be easier for me to work on different areas that I need improvement in. This course helped me set up a profile that helps me understand who I am or will

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