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In William L. Rowe’s essay The Ontological Argument Rowe carefully details an argument that, upon first read, appears to convincingly prove that God does not exist. His argument has, however, been even more carefully torn apart and examined by some of the worlds greatest philosophers and is often criticized. In my essay I will prove that Rowe’s argument although seemingly perfect comes nowhere near disproving the existence of a God. Quote #1 “…Anselm insists that anyone who hears of God, thinks about God, or even denies the existence of God is, nevertheless, committed to the view that God exists in the understanding.” I will use this quote to support the idea of God. This quote does not prove his existence but it does prove that we can never be certain that God does not exist. If something exists in our understanding than that idea must come from somewhere. Somehow the idea of God has been developed in our minds and anyone who has ever uttered the word has some understanding of God. Quote #2 “Consider the series of positive integers: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. We know that any integer in this series, no matter how large, is such that a lager integer than it is possible. Therefore, the positive integer than which none larger is possible is an impossible object. Perhaps this is also true for the being which none greater is possible.” I will use this quote to further disprove Rowe’s reasoning. Although there can never be a largest number there must be a greatest great. There is only so much power that can be available in this universe, so much greatness obtainable. Although one being may not harness all of this greatness Rowe’s reasoning still failed to prove that there cannot be a greatest

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