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Immigration Sierra brown Period:6 We need to allow immigration in the United States. Times are hard in foreign countries and they don’t have as many opportunities as we do here in America. They don’t have as many jobs or healthcare or freedom. They have wars and other difficult things going on. They don’t have the economy we have or goods. This among the next few reasons is why we should allow immigration in the United States. Most immigrants don’t have great lives or like their home country and that’s why they want to come to America. They have to deal with wars and abundant spread of diseases without proper health care. Most of them have dictatorships and they don’t have the freedoms they deserve as human beings. They try to escape all that trouble and hardships and get a better life here in America. Here in America they can have great job opportunities and freedom that they deserve. Why would you deny freedom to someone who’s just like you? They struggle they don’t always have perfect lives. They’re just trying to make something out there lives. Yet we deny they’re freedom because they were not born here in the U.S? What harm do they bring none but people are so quick to kick them out without a second look. Life here in America will help them get their life together and setup a future for their children. They take jobs that us as Americans don’t do they don’t ask for much wage. They bring resources to America that we don’t yet have yet here in the U.S. they bring culture and different food to America a taste of their culture. They show us different parts of how they lived and their language. They are like us but yet we discriminate against them so much. They want the same things in life as we do. So why do Americans take away their chance to have a better life? A lot of people say we shouldn’t allow immigrants. They’re aliens and do nothing

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