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B1: Hi. I am _____- a successful ____. You might have heard of me. I’ve been in the news for weeks now. It looks like winning a Noble Price is really a big deal. Before I became who I am now, I surpassed a lot of trials. I went through a lot of obstacles that shaped me to who I am today. I still remember… (Flashback) B2: Mama! Where is Papa going? Is he leaving us? *cries* G1: Look son. I know it would be difficult to understand but, I and your papa don’t love each other anymore. B2: But how will we survive without him? G1: Things happen for a reason son. But I will never let you down. I will take care of you. So don’t think about him anymore. B2: But my classmates all have a complete family. G1: Son, as long as you have God in your heart. No matter what happens, you will always be complete. (At school) B3: Hey. Have you heard? His parents have separated. He’s now a bastard. *laughs* G1: Yeah. If I was his mother, I would have given him away. B2: Are you guys talking about me? Huh? G1: You have a problem with that? B2: Why do you have to talk about other people’s lives when you can’t even fix your own? B3: Why you… You’re just a bastard. Who are you to talk like that to us? We are the varsity players of the school… B3: So back off! G2: Just ignore them, what you should do is study really hard and show them that you are way better. I believe in you. And as your friend, I always will. B2: Thanks. Let’s go home. I have to study. (At home) B2: Mama! Why are you crying? What is the matter? G1: We got evicted from our house. I wasn’t able to pay the rent for 3 months now. You’re father took all our money! I don’t know what to do! B2: Ma. You told me that things happen for a reason. We could find a way. I know! Let’s just stay over lola’s house! G1: You’re so smart son. Just like me. (The Next Day) G2: Why are you sad? B2: My father

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