Yasunari Kawabata Essay

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Ms. Powell American literature cp1 3/27/14 Yasunari Kawabata research paper An analysis of the author Yasunari Kawabata’s writing clearly reveals his deep intellectual knowledge of human emotion which allows his readers to connect to his writing in a deep way. His writing is written in a way that really makes you want to keep reading because when he write he conveys such a sense of passion and emotion that keeps you locked to the page. His short stories set him apart from the rest because of the quality in which he writes. As a writer, yasunari kawabata is very highly regarded around the world for his full length novels and also for his short stories. Yasunari Kawabata was born on June 14 1899 in Osaka Japan and later dies by way of suicide in April of 1972 at the age of 72. It’s said that the reasoning for his suicide was because just about everyone that madder to him whether it be his family or his close friends had died and its theorized that a lot of the solemnness in which he writes about is from his very sad history of death of his love ones. His writing is passionate and intense in the area of deep intellectual connection and I have really enjoyed the challenge of researching this understated author. In 1968 Yasunari Kawabata won the Nobel Prize in literature it was a very well deserved award and he gave a wonderful speech. In yasunari kawabata’s writing he really doesn’t shy away from melodramatic plots or grotesque people or characters, but at the same time he used an intensely compact and complex almost lyrical prose to call attention to extreme moments of beauty in everyone’s day to day life emotionally and physically. Yasunari kawabatas writing comes in a very minimalistic tone, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t very detailed when in fact he was insanely worried about the small details. Yasunari Kawabata learned the hard way in life that
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