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Yasseen Essay

  • Submitted by: yasseen2k
  • on February 25, 2011
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Historical Introduction

I. Section 1 The 1920s

  1. Introduction

  The 1920s is a flowering period of American literature. It is considered “the second renaissance” of American literature.
  The nicknames for this period:
    1) Roaring 20s – comfort
    2) Dollar Decade – rich
    3) Jazz Age – Jazz music

2 First World War – “a war to end all wars”

      1) Economically: became rich from WWI. Economic boom: new inventions. Highly-consuming society.
      2) Spiritually: dislocation, fragmentation.

3 wide-spread contempt for law (looking down upon law)

  c)   Freud’s theory

  3. Features of the literature

  Writers: three groups

      1) Participants
      2) Expatriates
      3) Bohemian (unconventional way of life) – on-lookers

  Two areas:

      1) Failure of communication of Americans
      2) Failure of the American society

II.Section 2 The 1930s
  Radical 1930s
  1. Background
  Great Depression (1929 “Black Thursday”)
  2. Literature
    a.Writers of the 1920s were still writing, but they didn’t produce good works.
      b.The main stream is left-oriented.
  3.Writers of 1930s
    a.social concern and social involvement
    b. revival of naturalistic tradition of Dreiser and Norris

III. The Post-War Period: 50s & 60s

  I. Historical Background – multi-faceted
    1. Cold War
    2. McCarthyism (persecution of communists)
    3. Korean War
    4. Civil Rights Movement
    5. Counter-culture Movement – political, economical and military achievement
  II. Literature in the 1950s
    1. Regional literature emerged from the south, etc. Many women writers appeared.
    2. Dramatists wrote about everyday people, e.g. Arthur Miller.
    3. Minority literature developed quickly.
III. Literature in the 1960s
  This period is the rising period of post-modern literature. Many forms of post-modern fiction appeared, such as...

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  • Submitted by: yasseen2k
  • on February 25, 2011
  • Category: English
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