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TOK-Essay What I know about: Yasir Arafat This essay is different from other essays. Writing a paper on such unstable grounds, as this, where the facts quickly turn into doubts and doubts into certain false, is nearly impossible to preplan. I was lost as to what subject I wanted to write about, until I had a flash of understanding, this paper was not about something else, it is about us, each individual student asking questions about a truth in their lives. The assignment is not to write an essay; it is to take something you hold to be true and to analyze it and doubt the very facts it is based on, which we take for granted, to prove its value. The essay is merely a documentation of the process. Thus I chose to write on what I know about Yasir Arafat, to show the effects of nurture on belief. Yasir Arafat was probably born in 1929 in Cairo; there are conflicting accounts on where and when he was born. Well there it is, knowledge again, we don’t even know for sure when he was born, but then again is it important to know when he was born? Again there are many different answers depending on which perspective you look at it. For example what does the date ‘born on’ refer to? The conception or the date of the baby’s arrival? Usually it is the date of the baby’s arrival but wouldn’t it make more sense if the date was the day the baby was conceived and entered this world. Here we have another problem; what does it mean to enter this world? That is implying that there are other worlds. But no one has ever been to another world (or has they?) There we have another question; it is time to get back to the topic. What I know about Yasir Arafat. My view of Arafat was that of an Islamic Hero attacking the invading Jews to free the homeland of the Palestinians. When I thought of the previous line I had a parallel thought. It was the realization that I thought of Jews

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