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TO: Carol Carlson, President of Clearwater Resort FROM: Hailey Mullen, Project Coordinator DATE: November 15, 2012 SUBJECT: SELECTING HIGHEST EFFICIENT VACUUMS As you requested on November 5th, 2012, this report identifies and discusses the possibilities of replacements for our vacuums in the housekeeping department. The purpose of this report is to assess the problems of our vacuums and establish criteria for selecting the appropriate new vacuums. It then evaluates three prospective alternatives and presents a recommendation based on that evaluation. Based on the data gathered from our survey distributed on the 1st of November, concludes a serious need for new vacuums. According to the product reviews on the Sears Website, we have chosen the three best alternatives to further consider. Some limitations may arise including our budget and the size of our storage facility. The search was restricted by the board of directors…show more content…
The Hoover Windtunnel offers a 27’ cord giving it an advantage of length and farther movements. The Dyson DC29 and Kenmore MD Upright offer a 25’ cord with their products. This criterion only requires a 20’ cord so all three vacuums meet this target. The longer cord enables more movement in rooms and hallways. However, that is an extra 2’ that require you to put away by hand after each use. This can lower productivity times for the housekeeping department. Warranty Both The Hoover and Kenmore vacuums offer a 2 year warranty on their vacuums. The Dyson offers a 5 year warranty which will have a direct impact on the final review. This gives the resort an additional 3 years to ensure all parts are functional. The warranty covers all parts to each vacuum, both mechanical and also cosmetic. With the gathered information it would seem the Dyson has the highest protection with a warranty of 5 years. This can be critical for our excessive daily use.

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