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MENTAL MISTAKES Today, because of the preparation we invested in creating your yardage book, we learned that your bad holes and high scores were a result of your mental mistakes. You had the playbook which gave you the shots to insure that you played each hole at Laurel Springs with the minimum amount of risk and high percentage shots. What Mother & I did not anticipate was that whenever you hit a shot that did not come off exactly as we planned, you would decide during play to deviate from the yardage book and on the course change your whole strategy. This action resulted in trying to hit exceptional shots to recover and your percentage decreased while the risk increased. As a result, you shot a disappointing score and appeared to look…show more content…
All the lessons, practice, and play, are of little or no value. Your decision to abandon your yardage book is a recipe for failure. You will not be able to shoot the low scores that you are capable of shooting based on your golf swing. Coach Jim, Mom, nor I can think for you when you are competing. Unfortunately, this is a skill that you must either learn or you will not be able to prevent yourself from sabotaging your chances of shooting low scores. This action is a recipe for failure. While it may be harsh for you to have to read these words, At the end of this Q school it does reinforce that you have a decision problem and you make mental mistakes when deciding whether to hit drives, pitches, chips, & putts. Continuing to invest the time, money, and effort that we have provided for you when the results will not change because you revert back to what doesn’t work doesn’t make much sense to me. Course strategy is a MUST for you to be a competitive golfer. The golfers that you played with during Q-School played the holes without a yardage book, but they acted like they had your notes. This is further evidence that competitive golfers all play courses and instinctively know to hit high percentage shots with very low risk. They avoid trouble and accept par scores when the pressure is high. A bogie is a good score when you hit a bad shot
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