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Assessment | Diagnosis | Planning | Intervention | Rationale | Evaluation | Subjective:Luya kayo akong paminaw. Kapuy gihapon akong ginabati´ as verbalized by the patient.Objective:WeaknessLack of energy Pale skinVS- T: P: R: BP: | Fatigue related to Depressions secondary to SLE | At the end of 8 hour span of nursing care, the patient will be able to:- report improved sense of energy- perform ADLs- participate in desired activities at level of ability | 1. Teach energy conservation principles.2. Stress the importance of frequent rest periods.3. Observe the patients usual level of exercise and physical activity.4. Provide recommendations for nutritional intake for adequate energy sources and metabolic requirements.5. Minimize environmental stimuli, especially during planned times for rest and sleep.6. Provide diversional activities. | -patients and caregivers may need to learn skills for delegating tasks to others, setting priorities and clustering care to use available energy to complete desired activities- Energy reserves may be depleted unless the patient respects the bodies need for increased rest.- Both increased physical exertion and limited levels of exercise can contribute to fatigue.- The patient will need adequate, properly balanced intake of carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins and minerals to provide energy resources.- Bright lighting, noise, visitors, frequent distractions and clutter in the patients’ physical environment can inhibit relaxation, interrupt rest/sleep and contribute to fatigue.- anticipating in pleasurable activities can refocus energy and diminish feelings of unhappiness, sluggishness and worthless that can accompany fatigue | At the end of 8 hours of nursing care, the patient was able to:- Report improved sense of energy. “Arang-arang na akong paminaw” as verbalizedby the patient- Perform ADLs such a as brushing her teeth

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