Yanoomami Tribe Analysis

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I have always felt that a university is a representation of the students that attend that institution. So, if a university is not conducting itself in a moral manner, it could be seen as a reflection of the students. Therefore I would feel more compelled to interject in these issues. By not returning the blood to the Yanomami tribe after there has been an agreement to do so by all of the parties involved has created a dilemma. I don’t have to know every bit of information to know that there is a problem that needs to be fixed. The fact that the Yanomami tribe is physically removed from the situation and unable to exert pressure on the university themselves makes student involvement even more important. Anthropology students in particular should feel compelled to intercede on the Yanomami’s behalf due to the responsibility we have to who we are studying. We are the ones who are aware of how anthropologists need to conduct themselves ethnically and ethically. As an anthropology student I am more understanding and sympathetic to the beliefs of the Yanomami and I recognize the importance of the blood to their religion.…show more content…
Worse, is that they ignore their responsibility to the tribe that has contributed so much to their science curriculum. This could possibly taint any future studies if the university earns a reputation of not honoring commitments to its subjects. In light of the circumstances surrounding this case, there are few options besides student involvement. Without the university population taking up the case, there could be a perpetual stalemate between the university and the tribe. It falls to the students to protect the guiding principles of the university and ensure it is being held ethically

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