Yankee Stadium History

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Austin Geller May 2009 The New, Nice, Pricey Yankee Stadium When people hear the word “Yankees”, the first words that come to mind are championships, elite, and money. The money part of that is lately the most prominent word, as the Yankees currently have the highest team payroll in the league and just moved into a beautiful $1.5 billion stadium. Those two working together allow for the Yankees to set another high mark, the league’s most expensive tickets. It’s no surprise that Yankee fans want to see their Yankees and experience the new stadium. With the ticket prices, however, many might not be able to. In the tough economic times we are currently in, many fans are stuck watching the game on the couch. In building the new Yankee Stadium, designers tried to keep many parts the same, in order to preserve the old stadium’s great history while making it cleaner. The stadium is designed to closely resemble the…show more content…
It just might not pay to see your favorite big city team at home this season. The average price for a Yankee ticket this year is by far the highest, at $72.97. The next highest team is the also big-market Boston Red Sox, followed by the Chicago Cubs, and New York Mets. Many Yankee and Red Sox fans travel to Baltimore to see their teams at Camden Yards. Baltimore is a much smaller market with a below average team. Tickets prices there are always much lower; therefore, a two-and-a-half hour drive is a good compromise. Personally, I feel like the experience of going to the Yankee Stadium should not go unlived. All Yankee fans who can financially afford to buy even an upper-deck seat, should go to at least one home game. After that first game however, I feel that only die-hard or financially fit Yankee fans should spend the high price for a ticket. Whatever you do decide to do just make sure you cheer on the New York
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