Yalta Conference Essay

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The Yalta Conference was held between the “Big Three”, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and General Secretary Joseph Stalin. This was a war conference where they created the Yalta Agreement, their “Declaration on Liberated Europe.” It took place during the 1940s because Hitler started World War II by sending German troops into Poland. It was then that Roosevelt contacted Churchill for information about the war in a more personal manner. During the months before our project was due much research was done. Everyone in the group was to bring facts and useful information about Yalta, including pictures, sources, and documents that would help with the documentary we had planned. Compiling our computer skills and research skills we were able to create a documentary using photos from different internet sources, and were able to compile what we found during our researching to write a paper that we separated into four different segments that each of us read while the video was playing in the background. This made the conference easier to understand by visually learning and by listening to what other people found over the topic. Throughout my research I learned that the message shared between FDR and Churchill sparked a relationship between two important Free World leaders that lasted throughout the Second World War. These two great leaders exchanged various letters, phone conversations, and met in person. Their face-to-face meetings also included another great, General Secretary Joseph Stalin at Tehran, where they created Summit Diplomacy. The significance of Yalta in today’s world was the basic outlines of what would soon be the future NATO and United Nations organizations. Yalta was a place of world-altering decisions between America, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet
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