Yahweh Elohim Yahshua Essay

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ON THE “ELEMENTARY” CHART ON THE PATTERN OR PLAN OF SALVATION Hebrews 9:1,6-14 I John 5:6-8 INTERIOR PATTERN (TABERNACLE) BLOOD, WATER, SPIRIT, FORTY CORRELATIONS FORTY.....40’ & 4 points in HP; Door 4th step; Mainstem 4th branch; Table 4 corners; 4 Incense ingredients SPIRIT..... Spirit is symbolized by Holy Anointing Oil WATER.....Brazen Laver had water for washing BLOOD.....Blood of sacrifices on 4 horns and at the bottom of the Altar TRANSGRESSION FORTY..... Adam was at rest in the Garden of Eden 40 days of Moses’ visions (7+33) SPIRIT....Angel Michael drove them from the Garden and guarded the way back WATER.....Adam had to work by the sweat (water) of his face outside Garden BLOOD.....Adam’s blood went to 4 corners of earth; his blood to be avenged on the Serpent NOAH FORTY.....It rained 40 days and 40 nights SPIRIT.... Sprit (Angel) of Yahweh showed Noah how to build the ark; called animals & shut them in ark WATER.....The flood of water BLOOD.....Noah warned the wicked getting the blood off his head and on theirs ABRAHAM FORTY.....Ishmael was 40 years old when Isaac was sacrificed at 25 SPIRIT....Angel of Yahweh stopped Abraham from killing Isaac WATER.....Sweat on Isaac from carrying wood uphill and facing death BLOOD.....Sacrificial blood of ram caught in the thickets MIGRATION FORTY.....Israel in the Wilderness of Sinai 40 years SPIRIT....Angel of Yahweh in the cloud was Yahshua WATER.....The Red Sea waters parted making a way for Israel to escape Pharaoh BLOOD.....Blood of Passover Lamb struck on door at 4 points BAPTISM & MINISTRY FORTY.....Yahshua was tempted by the Devil in the Wilderness of Judea 40 days; yet he did not sin SPIRIT....The spirit like a dove descended and remained on Yahshua in the vision to John WATER.....Yahshua was baptized in

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