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How can the use of mental images, concepts and schemas to organise our thinking help us to improve our memory? Task 1 Part A – Essay Plan • Introduction • Main body: Define mental image, concepts and schemas How do these help to improve memory What evidence is there to support this? • Conclusion Part B In order to make sense of our world we are constantly gathering information and storing it away for recall at another time when we may need it. This is usually an unconscious process however by understanding the processes and ways in which we form memories we can use this to our advantage and therefore improve our memory. This essay will address three different ways that we form memories, mental images, concepts and schemas. It will then look at how these can be used to improve memory and what evidence there is to support this. One way to fix something to our memory is to form a mental image. Mental images can be constructed to remember one particular thing or can be put together to remember a list of things. The images can be formed from by breaking up a word into different parts or by using homophones. The person constructing the mental image should use big, bold and sometimes abstract images in order to make it memorable, however caution should be taken otherwise the image may distract from what is trying to be remembered. In order to remember a list of things then the person forming the image can use a familiar place or story and insert the objects into this. Concepts are a way of organising things within our minds by identifying prominent features and properties and then linking these ideas together. In each concept there may be sub-concepts that further define something. For example four walls and a roof form the concept of a building. Sub-concepts then can be defined from the size, shape and use of the
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