Xray Comparison Essay

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TEST | DESCRIPTION | BENEFITS | RISKS | X-RAY | X rays pass through soft tissue of the body. When they hit a more dense material, such as a tumor or bone they are stopped. The x-rays that pass through the other side hit a photographic plate and react with silver molecules on the surface of the film. This forms an outline of the image taken. X-rays have both medicinal and non-medicinal uses. | In hospitals, x-rays are used to show the body structure and help to detect tumors and broken or fractured bones. They also have industrial uses such as scanning for weapons at airports and spotting imperfections to small for the human eye. Help stop diseases before it gets too late. | Very few health hazards. Very rarely will a cell become mutated from the radiation and turn into cancer. May cause harm to pregnant women and damage the unborn baby. | CAT SCAN | Computed Axial Tomography. Scans a specific area of the body for about 30 minutes. Series of rays that pass through the body to form an image. The patient drinks a substance to help outline the image then lies down on a table while a scanner rotates around them. Provides images of both bone and muscle. | Shows the exact location, size, shape and thickness of tumors. Locates and monitor cancers, detects inflammatory disorders such as appendicitis, and evaluates trauma. Benefits outweigh risks. | Cannot find tumors less than 2cm big. Frequent scans may increase risk of getting cancer. The contrast fluid may cause allergic reactions to some patients. | MRI | Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Uses magnets instead of radiation to produce an image. The magnetic field causes atoms in the body to react and a scanner detects this. Shows detailed images of changes in soft tissues. Patient lies on a table and is inserted into a cylinder for about 20minutes. | Much clearer image is produced than in a cat scan. Very few side

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