Xerox Annual Report Analysis

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Kelly Phung Annual Report Analysis In 1906, Xerox Corporation was founded as The Haloid Photographic Company in Rochester, New York. When they first began, they manufactured equipment and photographic paper. In 1958, the company’s name was changed to Haloid Xerox; in 1961, to just Xerox. Today, Xerox is the world's leading enterprise for business process and document management, operating in 160 countries. In order to complete their mission in informing and persuading its current and potential and investors, Xerox’s annual report strategically uses confident language and repeated mention of the company’s success to focus on its growth and build trust with readers, easy-to-understand graphs, statistical data and different colors to highlight positive financial data, and culturally diverse pictures of people to reassure sustainability. Throughout the report, usage of confident language shows that the company has confidence with how it is operating, and reassures these investors that they are in it to succeed and to grow. When referring to the company, they repeatedly use words like "leader," "largest," "successful," and "continue"; this is the start to building trust with current and potential investors. The positive vocabulary gives readers assurance that things will continue to progress. In the shareholders’ letter, the CEO, Ursula Burns, starts by giving a brief summary of how Xerox performed in 2011, followed by the steps they have been taking to the success. She tells the readers what the company’s aims are, and then thoroughly explains how it plans to execute these steps. Burns acknowledges the importance of delivering on commitments through accelerating their services business, maintaining their leadership in document technology, managing their business with a disciplined focus on operational excellence, and expanding earnings and returning value to

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