Xena Warrior Feminist

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Xena: Warrior Feminist Xena: Warrior Princess is the one of the only female character, to have no reliance on male characters, and not only that but she regularly interacts with them, but they are shown as equals. Therefor Xena is the only truly powerful female protagonist; she is complete without a mate or being in an eternal search for one. Within the confines of the show, Xena is definitely as powerful as the men, especially Hercules, who is portrayed as her male counterpart. They are equal in strength and wit, which represents the show as a symbol for liberal feminism, basically that sex should not be a deciding factor and men and women are equal. She also rejects the need for male power, which is represented by phallus, the people around her whom she draws her inspiration and power from are women and lack phallus. The women hold their own power which goes against psychoanalysis, stating women are close to men because they want to be as close to phallic symbol of power as possible. Also, the way the women dress and act; they do so knowing they will not be judged. In our society if a woman dresses provocatively, she is trashy, or if she has many sexual partners, than she is a slut. However, if a man has many sexual partners, he is a player, a charming playboy, and all the other guys want to be him. With Xena: Warrior Princess, they do not fear reprimand from others, because they are not judged as we, society, usually judge woman. Xena not only does not center around a male character, she goes against most of the major claims that Julia D. O'Reilly's The Wonder Woman Precedent: Female (Super)Heroism on Trial makes. Overall, she was a revolutionary figure in television, since it finally gave us a woman free of male centric interactions and judgements. Xena clearly is a strong, independent woman, who fights against our belief that a woman cannot be without a man.
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