Xemba Case Study

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Baseline Report Basic Project Data • • • • Project duration is 123 days. The work scheduled is 2,693 hours. The cost for personnel is $173,329.43. The project contains 55 tasks. Cash Flow This cash flow report indicates the baseline plan for spending on labor resources. Task Usage This task usage report depicts the number of hours, start times, and finish times for each task (and for each resource assigned to the task). • Inventory tasks are front-loaded to have the task complete as soon as possible. • Report times are back-loaded to plan the time for the report to be completed and ensure availability of resources. • Due to resource leveling with a resource constraint, some tasks are started, then paused, then finished at a later date to ensure that the project is not delayed by a second task to which the resource is assigned. Table 1: Resource Usage for Each Work Package and Task Task Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Task Name Computer inventory and requirements Inventory computers in use by new telecommuters Elizabeth Marcel Determine requirements to use current computers Marcel Identify computers for upgrade Marcel Determine requirements for technology Elizabeth Clemencia Report outcomes for inventory and requirements Elizabeth Marcel Clemencia Technical support Determine technical support needed Hugh Jackson Identify staff requirements Hugh Jackson Report technical support needs and staff requirements Hugh Jackson Computing support Identify required computer support relative to inventory Kimberly Lianne Identify staff requirements Hugh Lianne Work Duration Start Finish 340 hrs 140 hrs 70 hrs 70 hrs 60 hrs 60 hrs 40 hrs 40 hrs 60 hrs 40 hrs 20 hrs 40 hrs 11.43 hrs 22.85 hrs 5.72 hrs 200 hrs 120 hrs 60 hrs 60 hrs 40 hrs

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