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My name is Peyton Rushing; I was born in Charleston, South Carolina September 10th 1993. I moved to Missouri when I was in the second grade after my parents got divorced. I live with my mom here and my dad lives in Texas with my step mom and little brother. I’ve lived in the same house for eleven year and I will probably never get tired of it. Three people hung themselves in the basement of my house and I believe it is haunted.
I am a very talented person with a lot of things that I like to do. Music wise I would say I can’t live without it, you will never see me without a pair of headphones in my ears or in my pocket. I play many different instruments including the guitar, clarinet, bass clarinet, piano, trumpet, and drums. Music is a big part of my life and without it I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have it. I am willing to listen to all different types of music except country, I can’t stand country. The music I mostly listen to is DubStep, Hip-Hop, and Indie Rock. I write my own music on my guitar and I write raps whenever I have some time to spare.
My sport would have to be skateboarding, skating has been one of those things where I started it and I can’t stop. I’ve been skating for about six years and I recently placed fourth out of 36 people in a competition. I’ve met a lot of really cool people because of skating including a few famous people like Sean Malto and Spencer Nuzzi. Sean Malto is a pro skater from Kansas City and Spencer is also a pro but I don’t know where he is from. Whenever I am mad or upset about something I will just skate around my neighborhood a few times until I cool down a bit.
I am currently employed at Stone Canyon Pizza being a line cook, meaning I make pizza and then pass them off to the kitchen manager so he can put the pie in the oven. I have had two jobs both of them being in Parkville, but the job I have now was ten times better than my last one. There are more people that work at Stone Canyon that I can talk to...

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