Xbox; Microsofts Dark Horse Essay

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Xbox: Microsoft’s Dark Horse Xbox: Microsoft’s Dark Horse The Xbox, the Playstation, and the Nintendo have dominated the game console market. Game consoles have taken a hold in everyone’s life from young children to the elderly. They take our most inner desires and outrageous fantasies and allow us to live them from a safe distance. Gaming is no longer limited to a 32 bit world or a PC. Now it’s all plug and play. The Xbox has pioneered the way for so many things in the gaming world. Its history is far from an easy A. Bill Gates announced the Xbox at the turn of the millennium and was presented to skepticism and disbelief. People were asking if Gates was going mad or if he was just crazy. Playstation was dominating the market and companies like Nintendo and Sega were barely able to surface for breath. Where was there any room for a company like Microsoft to enter the gaming market? Bill Gates knew exactly what he and Microsoft were doing though because 5 years after release the Xbox had turned the gaming world on its ear. Now here in 2011 we have things like the Xbox 360 with its revolutionary kinect and library of games that rivals anything ever seen by any company who has ever entered the gaming world before. March 10th of 2000 at the “Game Developers Conference in San Jose, Bill Gates finally ended months of speculation by revealing Microsoft's plans to launch a home games console. Originally called X-Box (note the additional hyphen), Gates effused about a machine that would be three times as powerful as the PS2 and would transform the way we consumed electronic entertainment. At this stage, however, many developers and industry veterans were less enthusiastic. Most believed Xbox would be nothing more than a set-top box, others a PC you could plug into a TV set. Specs listing a 600MHz processor (which would later be increased to 733MHz),

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