X-Ray Producing Equipment Essay

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X-RAY PRODUCING EQUIPMENT The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ) makes the following requirements. All departments, faculty, staff or students who work with X-ray producing equipment must adhere to these regulations. If you have any questions about this information please contact the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) at 325-0820. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: [pic] All X-ray producing equipment on campus must be permitted and registered with the ODEQ. This is done through the RSO. [pic] All new X-ray producing equipment on campus must be reported to the RSO before it arrives on campus. [pic] Any time a piece of X-ray producing equipment is moved it must be approved by the RSO prior to the move. [pic] All transfers of X-ray producing equipment to other institutions or to surplus property must have prior approval of the RSO. EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS: [pic] Each X-ray system must have a warning light labeled “X-RAY ON’, or words of similar intent, located near any switch that turns on an x-ray tube and which lights up only when the tube is energized. [pic] Each x-ray system must be labeled with a sign or signs bearing the radiation symbol and the following words: [pic] “CAUTION- HIGH INTENSITY X-RAY BEAM” on the x-ray source housing if the source housing is visible and accessible without the use of tools; and [pic] “CAUTION RADIATION-THIS EQUIPMENT PRODUCES RADIATION WHEN ENGERGIZED” near any switch that energizes an x-ray tube. [pic] All unused ports on x-ray tube housings must be secured in the closed position. [pic] Each x-ray tube housing must be constructed so that when all shutters are closed the leakage of radiation measured at a distances of 5 centimeters from the housing’s surface is not capable of producing a dose in excess of 2.5 millirems in one hour at any specified tube rating. AREA

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