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Abstract When you think of Las Vegas you think of casino. People come to Las Vegas with the hopes of win the jackpot. Well Steven Wynn hit the jackpot when he used his business savvy to embark on opening the Wynn Resort. Wynn started his gamming beginning in a family ran bingo parlor. Mr. Wynn had dreams of expanding his knowledge of the gaming world to a four star resort and gaming facility. My. Wynn did just that, he changed the gaming world and built an empire with the openings of Wynn Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada and Wynn Macau located in China. This paper will analyze the importance Mr. Wynn has on the company, the strengths and weaknesses of Wynn's Macau and issues that Wynn Resorts must focus their efforts on in order to preserve their resorts. Introduction The style of resorts and gaming would be changed when Steven Wynn followed his passion as an entrepreneur. Wynn has been notices as one of the most talented casino gamer in the world. He has set a huge distance between him and the others in the gaming world. Wynn developed the Wynn Resort Casino in Las Vegas and it has become million dollar market. This was a result of a winning business strategy. It started when he bought the Desert Inn. Only after a few weeks, Wynn sold the purchase. This was a great and effective business move. Wynn earned two hundred and seventy million dollars from the sell. He invested the money in creating the Wynn Resort, and turning it in to the most powerful resort company in the world. By 2004, the resort turned into a billion dollar company from the investments Wynn made into the company. There was a substantial investment made in the Las Vegas location, by 2005, the Wynn Resort was the most expensive resort out. The Wynn Resort in the same location the Dessert Inn was once located. Steven Wynn continued to make smart business decisions when expanding the brand (Pearce &

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