Wy Multiculturism Cannot End Racism in Canada

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Multiculturalism describes an alignment of power surrounded by two cultures recognized by the constitution of Canada. These include the French and the English around which are the less native cultures. Up to date, Native culture remains unrecognized by the Canadian constitution. This alignment of power appears to be designed to equalize power among the native cultures and the two central cultures, the French and English. Multiculturalism is thus, based on a pre assumption of equality which is not necessarily real. This is because multiculturalism pretends to be a mechanism to equalize all cultures within Canada. In the real sense, this is not what it is. The Ontario’s government policy on multiculturalism known as Multiculturalism: A new strategy for Ontario is aware of the concerns presented by color and race. Therefore, the Government tries to tackle those issues within their policy. A historical overview of the formation of Canada reviews that this country was shaped by a belief system. This system put the Native and African people below the social and economic ladder while the white Europeans were regarded at the top of society. According to this ideology, European culture was regarded as more valuable and significant than that of the Native or African. For example, Canada practiced genocide acts against natives and blacks; there were also many immigration acts which were in favor of white Europeans (Pulkingham,2010). All these examples provide evidence of a nation founded on a belief in European and white supremacy. “Racism in Canada has been institutionalized as deeply as rooted in the UnitedStates,” writes, Stanley .R. Barret who continues to say that the only difference in both countries is that, in Canada, they have tried to cover it by putting a more polite face. In Canada manifestations of racial and ethical prejudices between many multicultural
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