Wwii in the Trenches Diary Entry

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Diary – In the Trenches October 17th, 1915 Today was my first day working and living in the trenches. I didn’t get a good first impression to be honest. There was hardly any space to communicate and move around the trenches. Congestion was a common occurrence within the trenches. Often, the little space which was available for us to move around in would have at least one dead body. Since death was so common, this meant that there were a lot of pests to deal with. The largest and most annoying pests were the rats. These ‘corpse rats’ were huge! Sometimes, they would reach the size of a cat or even a small dog. These rats, as well as feeding on the corpses of soldiers, would also feed on the soldiers’ food. There was one incident when a bunch of rats bit and killed a cat and dog. They then went on to eat the corpse of them as well. The trenches were built up off three parallel rows of trenches, with adjacent communicating trenches connecting the three rows. The first, second and third row of trenches were called; the Front Line Trench, the Support Trench and the Reserve Trench. About a third of the communication trenches lead to a dead end, in order to help the soldiers kill intruders. The object of a dead end trench was that the intruders didn’t know if the trench was a dead end or not, but the soldiers did, so the soldiers could either retreat back into the Support/Reserve trenches, or they could open fire on the intruders trapped in the dead end trenches. The majority of the trenches are generally 2 meters deep and 2 meters wide. The top of the trench closest to the No Man’s land was covered in rings of barbed wire to help prevent soldiers from other countries infiltrate into our trench. Sometimes, the intruding soldiers would attempt to inch their way through the barbed wire, this however made them an easy target and gave our soldier time to fire at them. The

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