Ww2 Homefront Essay

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Yr.9 HISTORY The Impact of World War 2 on the Australian Home Front World War II had a large impact on the Australian home front in a variety of different ways. Government controls in Australia at this time influenced the way the government acted under the National Security Act of 1939 and the home front. The role of women changed during ww2 giving them more roles and responsibilities on the home front. During ww2 women left their roles in the home and began to work in factories which were predominately male dominated areas. Some women worked in monition factories making bullets bombs, anti-tank shells and other items needed for the war effort. The impact of the war had a profound impact on women in the war, changing their traditional roles from home maker to bomb technicians in factories. Government control As in World War 1, the Commonwealth Government imposed a large number of new controls over people's lives. They did this through the authority of the National Security Act of 1939. This Act did two major things: it effectively overrode the Constitution for the duration of the war - giving the Commonwealth power to make laws in areas where it did not have that power under the Constitution; and it effectively overrode the power of parliament by giving the government power to make regulations, that is, laws that required only the signatures of some ministers and the Governor-General. The war was a huge boon to the Australian economy. As many Australian primary products were purchased as could be produced, and secondary industries manufactured many new items for the Services. Rationing and restrictions meant that there were few consumer goods available, so personal savings rose. Man powering and essential industries also meant that there was near-full employment. As in 1916 and 1917, the government had the power to conscript men for home service,

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