Ww1 Evacuee Letter

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Dear mummy and papa, I am quite well and I hope you are okay too; we arrived late Tuesday night and were taken into a hall. The journey was very arduous we were with many other children in the train, getting pushed about, but despite this me and Mary, James and Oliver managed to stay together. At 7am we were woken up as Wednesday was the day we were going to be sent to our new families. A young couple came to Mary and said they wanted to take her but then when we told them that I and Mary were to stay together they walked off. So we carried on waiting, after a while a middle aged couple who had one son came to James and Oliver and insisted on taking them, so they went, by now many of the evacuees had found new families, however me and Mary were still waiting anxiously. Then at 5pm on Wednesday after hours of waiting an old couple came and took me and Mary to what is now our new house. The couple are quite kind to us and the house is spotless. We have a room to share and sleep together in the same bed. The bed is big so there is enough room for us to sleep comfortably and we stay warm. But I and Mary still miss you coming, tucking us into bed and singing to us. We don’t really know where we are going to bathe it has been almost a week and we still haven’t had a bath as there is no bathroom here, only a lavatory that is outside. But in case your wondering, we have been good girls and have been brushing our teeth like you told us too, twice a day. Thursday was the day we were taken to school, because Mary is a year younger she was taken to her own class and I was sent to mine. Oh and mama, papa guess what, we saw James and Oliver at school, they looked quite happy and were smartly dressed. At first I was very nervous and was missing you lots too , but then we were just introduced to our teachers and classmates. We shared some of the things we had brought from home,

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