Ww1 Diary Entry Essay

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Ealing and acton 1st battalion Ypres Belgium 10th January 1915 76 Sherwood Avenue Greenford Middlesex UB6 0PQ Dear, mum and dad Hope you are keeping well? How is little Rohan doing at school? I do miss him lots. I’m good now, but sadly recently I have had a slight case of trench foot but fortunately it’s all gone now. I have now been in front line for just over a week. The smell out here in these trenches is so bad it has made our toughest men sick. The smell is so vile I can’t even describe it over a letter. To give you a an idea of what the men out here have to contend with, there is raw sewage from an open cesspit; body odour from men who haven’t washed in ages; dead bodies decaying in shallow graves, also they are out in the open in no man’s land. The smell of dead rotten bodies attracts rats. They are everywhere you look and some are even as big as Felix our cat. The other night I was woken up by Johnny screaming. As I looked towards him I could see a big rat (the one the size of Felix) had nibbled through his haversack and tunic to get to his flesh. With a cry of horror I threw the rat twenty yards into no man’s land.…show more content…
The Germans and us English decided on a truce over the Christmas period. It began when the Germans started decorating their trenches with decorations. They also started singing carols. They started by singing silent night in German so we started singing it in English. Soon after German troops on both sides of their trenches came out into no man’s land and started swapping chocolate and whisky. We even saw some people having a game of football. The generals were very angry about this when they heard as they thought we would find it harder to kill the Germans after this. They never agreed with it so they kept moving the men that took in the truce, but as soon as we know it was over and we attacking each other once
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