Wutherring Heights Chapter Summary

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Part 3: 30 marks Write a 500 word plot summary of Wuthering Heights. My advice would be to try to summarize each chapter in succession in two to three sentences. Be concise! 1. Mr. Lockwood enters Wuthering Heights on a cold stormy night with the northern winds blowing. Mr. Heithcliff is very abrupt when meeting Mr. Lockwood for he wants to inspect him before he rents a residence. The dogs attack Lockwood and Heithcliffs reaction makes Lockwood feel he is more sociable than his possible landlord. 2. A dinner was scheduled the next day prompt at five o’clock, when Lockwood arrives Heithcliff is counting his gold. He meets a young lady that is Heithcliff’s widowed daughter-in law. The storm had gotten worse and Lockwood insists on having accommodation for the night. 3. Housekeeper Zilliah arranged an apartment; his curiosity grew when he read the engravings on the windowsill Catherine Earnshaw, Catherine Heithcliff and Catherine Linton. He read diaries that spoke of how poorly her brother treated Heithcliff and how if her father were alive he wouldn’t approve. Lockwood fell into a dream state and saw a figure of a young woman through the window, he let out a loud scream that brought an angered Heithcliff directly to that room. 4. Housekeeper at the Thruscross Grange, Mrs. Dean, tells Lockwood of the history of Wuthering Heights, she grew up there as a child. The original owner Mr. Earnshaw traveled to Liverpool and came home with a boy about 14, they named him Heithcliff. His son Hindley Earnshaw was jealous of the attention his father paid to Heithcliff. 5. Miss. Catherine Earnshaw was a saucy young girl who likes to arouse people; her father wanted her to be sweet and gentle. Mr. Earnshaw passed away sitting by the fire with everyone surrounding, Cathy and Heithcliff cried together. 6. Cathy and Heithcliff liked to

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