Wuthering Heights Settings

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Wuthering Heights In the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, there are two major settings, each one contrasting the other between a happy, sophisticated habitat and a dark, depressing dungeon. Thrushcross Grange, home of the Lintons, had a more welcoming and peaceful setting opposed to the cold, dark, and menacing one of Wuthering Heights, inhabited by a man that reflected the house perfectly, Heathcliff. The Grange always seemed to be the better of the two with a setting of a clean protected environment. Contrasting this, the Heights was a very open place to nature as it’s inhabitants worked hard to keep it together. The characters within the novel, Catherine Earnshaw and Isabella Linton, are majorly affected by the difference in the Heights and the Grange, yet Nelly Dean never seemed to conform her ways into the difference between the two. Catherine Earnshaw grew up at the Heights without a care in the world as an energetic and playful child. Although she enjoyed her wild personality, she always aspired and craved the life of the Lintons, which is exactly what she received on arrival to Thrushcross Grange. The family at the Grange, the Linton’s, took Catherine into their household after being injured by a guard dog, teaching her their ways of manners and how to act like a lady. After marrying Edgar Linton, her free spirit started drifting away into the seriousness of reality, angering Heathcliff. The change in her personality becomes obvious when Catherine is occupied by both Heathcliff and Edgar at the Grange as she acts like completely different people around the two. Heathcliff and Catherine acted as young lovers throughout the whole novel, running around and getting in trouble together. Contrasting this, Edgar and Catherine played the role of a mature, adult couple, not wanting anything to do with the outside world or silly games. On the other hand,
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