Wuthering Heights on Heathcliff

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In this essay I will be covering the character Heathcliffs childhood, his first impression on Lockwood, his relationship with Cathy and the main characters and the language that is used throughout to describe him. Mr earnshaw who is the father of Cathy and Hindley went on a trip and brought back an ophan boy named ‘Heathcliff’. His family strongly disagreed having a unknown child living in their home, Mrs earnshaw called him a ‘gipsy brat’, Hindley hated everything about him but however Cathy grows to love him and soon the pair become inseparable. Young Heathcliff is described as fragile, scared and innocent. He is not called by his name but by ‘thing’ which shows a loss of identiy and a lack of respect from the other house memebers. After mrs earnshaws death, Mr earnshaw took to Heathcliff strangely putting him far above both his children which caused Hindley a great deal of jealously and led him to persecute the fatherless child. During heathcilffs childhood, the only friend he had and loved was Cathy. Both enjoyed eachothers company and got along very well, however this soon changed as one night they wonder to thrushcross grange and cathy gets bitten by a dog and is foced to stay their for 5 weeks, by the time she returns her relationship with Heathcliff grows more complicated as she has infatuated with edgar, this angers him and Hindleys abusive behaviour leads him to run away from W’H. When Heathcliff returns he immediately sets about seeking revenge on all those who have wronged him. He starts off with Hindley,deviously lending money to him knowing he will increase his debts and fall into deeper despondency. When Hindley dies Heathcliff inherits the manor. He also places himself In line to inherit thruscross grange by marrying Isabella linton (edgars sister). Pregnant with edgars child, cathy falls ill and dies after the birth of her baby girl which

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