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Throughout the novel Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë there are many times where keys, locks, and gates are used as symbols of power that one character has over another. This is a theme that affects most of the characters throughout the story. One example of this occurring is Hindley's exclusion of Heathcliff during their childhood at Wuthering Heights. A second example is Edgars attempt to protect Catherine by telling Heathcliff to stay away from her. A third example is when Catherine locks Edgar in the room with Heathcliff and throws away the key. One example of keys symbolizing power is Hindley's exclusion of Heathcliff after Mr. Earnshaw brought him to Wuthering Heights when he returned from his trip to Liverpool. Hindley exercises his power over Heathcliff by "locking him out" and abusing him because he thinks that his father likes Heathcliff more than him. When Mr. Earnshaw left Wuthering Heights on a trip to Liverpool he asked his children, Catherine and Hindley, what they would like for presents. When he returned he did not bring presents, he brought a boy who he had named Heathcliff. This made his children upset and both of them disliked Heathcliff for it. Later on Catherine took a liking to Heathcliff but Hindley did not, and after their father died he began to exclude and abuse Heathcliff as a show of his power over Heathcliff. Another example is Edgar prohibiting Heathcliff from seeing Catherine to protect her. Edgar felt that Heathcliff was a danger to him and to Catherine and told Heathcliff that he wanted him to leave and to stay away. Edgar is trying to protect Catherine but he is also attempting to figuratively "lock out " Heathcliff as an exercise of the power he has over Heathcliff as the owner of Thrushcross Grange. At this point in time Edgar and Catherine are married and Edgar doesn't want Heathcliff there in the same way that a guy

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