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Wuthering Heights Background Info Full Name: Emily Jane Brontë Pen Name: Ellis Bell Date of Birth: July 30, 1818 Place of Birth: Haworth, West Yorkshire, England Date of Death: December 19, 1848 Brief Life Story: Born to a clergyman from Yorkshire, Brontë left home at age six to join her sisters at a harsh boarding school. After two of them died, Emily and her sister Charlotte (author of Jane Eyre) returned home, where, with their sister Anne and their brother Branwell, they created a complicated fantasy world; the children wrote a series of stories, plays, and poems, some of which they collected and published. Though Emily left home several more times, she always returned to the beloved moors of her childhood. She published Wuthering Heights the year before she died of tuberculosis. Full Title: Wuthering Heights Genre: Romanticism / Realism / Gothic (e.g., mysterious family relationships, vulnerable heroines, houses full of secrets, and wild landscapes) Setting: Yorkshire, England, late 18th to early 19th century Climax: Heathcliff and Catherine’s tearful, impassioned reunion just hours before Catherine gives birth and then dies Protagonists: Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw Antagonist: Heathcliff (we root both for and against Heathcliff) Narrator: Mr. Lockwood/Nelly Dean (it’s a classic story-withina-story) Point of View: Nelly Dean, a housekeeper, tells the story of the Lintons and Earnshaws to Mr. Lockwood, who passes along her story to the reader. Historical and Literary Context When Published: 1847 Literary Period: Victorian Related Literary Works: Like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Wuthering Heights contains elements of Gothic literature as well as Romanticism, which focuses on people’s natural goodness and imagination and favors “the sublime” of nature and spirituality over urbanity and

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