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WUTHERING HEIGHTS Argumentative essay Wuthering heights written by Emily Bronte is a story about an orphaned boy named Heathcliff brought in by Mr.Earnshaw who suffers at the hands of others, gains the sympathy of the readers. However his thirst for revenge destroys several innocent lives and thus earns him the status of a villain. Heathcliff one of the main characters of “Wuthering Heights” is the protagonist and also the antagonist of the story. To justify this we see that at the beginning of the book he is a protagonist and the readers feel sympathetic towards him. But as we go further we see his character change from a protagonist to an antagonist. He is described as a dirty, ragged, black haired child. From the beginning of the novel and most likely from the beginning of his life, he has suffered pain and rejection. When he is brought to Wuthering Heights by Mr. Earnshaw, he is looked upon as a thing rather than a child. Mrs. Earnshaw was ready to fling it out of doors, without having done anything to deserve rejection; Heathcliff is made to feel like an outsider after Mr. Earnshaw’s death and suffers cruel mistreatment by Hindley. In these formative years, he is deprived of love, sociability and education, according to Nelly, Hindley's treatment towards Heathcliff was "enough to make a fiend of a saint". He is separated from the family, reduced to the status of a servant, forced to do farm work. Personality that Heathcliff develops in his adult life has been formed in response to the deprivation of his childhood. He is quite vengeful in nature, and he is also stubborn and steadfast he does whatever he sets his mind to. ‘You must exchange horses with me: I don’t like mine; and if you won’t I shall tell your father of the three thrashings you’ve given me this week, and show him my arm, which is black to the shoulder.’(WH pg.28) When he is being

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