Wuthering Heights Essay

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Englsih Homework Omar Write a character description of Celie, Albert, and Shug Avery: CELIE: Celie is the color purple’s main character/narrator, and protagonist. Celie grew up in her father’s house under the worst treatment possible being raped and beaten on several occasions which got her to start writing her thoughts and feelings in a diary and telling god everything she couldn’t tell to people because she was ashamed of who she was, this character, 14-year-old celie is a complete turn-around of the 40-years-later celie who is a self-confident independent woman who learns to love and be loved. Celie grew up under the notion that she is, and will be always will be ugly which slowly ate up her self-esteem and confidence which led to her being silent and submissive. Her only outlet of emotion was through her letters to god and then to her sister Nettie expressing her feelings and letting herself go. Shug’s love and affection develop celie’s into a grown woman, and would lead her onto finding her history, spirituality, sexuality, and voice. Shug also opens celie’s eys into new perspectives in life and empowering her into believing in untraditional views of god and religion. Nettie's long-lost letters, which Celie discovers with Shug's help hidden in Mr. ______'s trunk, strengthens Celie's sense of self by informing her of her history and of the fate of her children. As her letters show, Celie gradually gains the ability to join her thoughts and feelings into a voice that is fully her own. Mr. ______'s harsh treatment of Celie initiates her development. Celie's discovery of Nettie's long hidden letters begins her first experience with anger, which culminates in her angry denouncement of Mr. ______ in front of the others at dinner. Celie's confidence inspires her to react assertively and forcefully to Mr. ______'s abuse. ALBERT: Mr._____ is often described as
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