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ECON 3400 Individual WTO Paper Drug Seizure = India/Brazil (Complainant) India and Brazil in May of 2010 raised a trade dispute to the World Trade Organization (WTO) against the European Union (EU) over the seizure of generic drugs by EU member countries. EU Member Countries (27 nations) (http://europa.eu/abc/maps) The seizures resulted at the request from complaints that are made by patent holders who are in European Union. (Kanth, 2010) “Various India pharmaceutical manufacturers are producing generic copies of patented drugs which are then shipped (via Europe) to South American countries such as Brazil.” (India, Brazil Complain At WTO Over EU Drug Seizures, 2010) Patent protection for the drugs is not present in India or South America, but patent protection is present in Europe. The generic drugs are only seized when they are in transit in the European Union. The issue was first raised back in 2008 when Dutch customs authorities detained Indian generic drugs at the request of leading western pharmaceutical giants. (Kanth, 2010) Ambassador Ujal Singh Bhatia of India has stated that both India and Brazil have been concerned for quite some time, “repeated seizures of generic medicine consignments mainly originating from India, which are in transit in various European ports and mean for various destinations” in Latin America and Africa. (India, Brazil raise dispute over EU drug seizures, 2010) From my perspective I believe that the problem lies with the giant pharmaceutical manufacturers who could be considered ‘rich and greedy’ preventing poor and developing countries from receiving generic medications at a much needed affordable price. My question to the European manufacturers, who are crying about the drugs not being patented, is what are they willing to contribute to these poor countries that need the medications so badly? It seems that

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