Wt 1- Coverage of the Release of Nelson Mandela Essay

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Rationale I have chosen to report Nelson Mandela’s “Release Speech” in 1990 where over 50, 00 people gathered to see and hear him. His speech relates to Language and Power. Power is something that one possesses, demands and executes. Leaders, politicians, and even teachers exert and demand power. A leader however, is one who expresses his or her power through their voice and their body. In 1990, Nelson Mandela was released from prison after spending 27 years of his life on Robben Island. In his “release speech” he shows how powerful he is by using his famous hand gesture; hand in the air with a tightly clutched fist that shows his strength and willingness for the people of South Africa and his determination for fighting for freedom (body language). His voice also becomes louder, and deeper as he connects more with the audience. His speech was intended for the people of South Africa, all people of all ages, who wanted freedom for all races of South Africa. This speech was done in the year 1990, where media in South African was limited to only the newspapers and magazines. Therefore, this article or report will express the views of Nelson Mandela and the audience’s reaction to his powerful speech. Live coverage of Nelson Mandela’s release speech. By: Shivané Moodley Good morning citizens of South Africa and fellow acquaintances of the world. I am Shivané Moodley reporting live for CNN International. Well the weather is certainly complimenting the occasion with the sun shining down upon the freedom fighters of today. I am standing amongst 50, 00 South African’s who have gathered here in downtown Cape Town in front of Parliament to witness Mr. Mandela’s release speech. After spending an extensive 27 years in prison Mr. Mandela is finally released and the people of South Africa just can’t get enough of it. Amongst me, I have an abundance of different

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