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Apartment Lease Contract December 11, 2012 Date of Lease Contract: (when the Lease Contract is filled out) 1. PARTIES. This Lease Contract (sometimes referred to as the "lease") is between you, the resident(s) (list all people signing the Lease Contract): This is a binding document. Read carefully before signing. Moving In -- General Information 7. UTILITIES. We'll pay for the following items, if checked:  water  gas  wastewater  trash  electricity  cable TV  master antenna  other Charles Nguyen, Ryan Stukenbroeker and us, the owner: WFStjames, LLC (name of apartment community or title holder). You've agreed to rent Apartment No. , at 7306 Channing Way 7306 (street address) in Goose Creek (city), South Carolina, (zip code) for use as a private residence only. The 29445 terms "you" and "your" refer to all residents listed above. The terms "we," "us," and "our" refer to the owner listed above (or any of owner's successors' in interest or assigns). Written notice to or from our managers constitutes notice to or from us. If anyone else has guaranteed performance of this Lease Contract, a separate Lease Contract Guaranty for each guarantor is attached. You'll pay for all other utilities, related deposits, and any charges, fees, or services on such utilities. You must not allow utilities to be disconnected--including disconnection for not paying your bills--until the lease term or renewal period ends. Cable channels that are provided may be changed during the lease term if the change applies to all residents. Utilities may be used only for normal household purposes and must not be wasted. If your electricity is ever interrupted, you must use only battery-operated lighting. If any utilities are submetered for the apartment, or prorated by an allocation formula, we will attach an addendum to this Lease Contract in compliance with state agency

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