Wrting Skills Essay

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Biology A.S. Degree, Biology (60 credits) Academic Advising Plan 2011‐2012 Program The Biology degree program at Inver Hills is designed to prepare students to transfer to a bachelor’s degree program in the biological sciences. Curriculum features specialized and general laboratory courses for life sciences, health science and nursing, as well as specially focused courses for students interested in science and social issues. In the classroom The lab skills you acquire at Inver Hills will give you confidence as you continue your studies toward a bachelor’s degree. You will be exposed to a variety of science classes to help you determine if a specific area of study is right for you. A biology degree requires study in disciplines such as chemistry, mathematics, physics and some computer science. At Inver Hills, you will have the advantage of completing many of your general education requirements at a minimal cost in a small campus setting. Careers in biology Biologists may study the smallest single‐celled organisms or the largest animals, plants or the environment. Biologists usually specialize in specific areas, such as research concerning diseases (and their cures) and bacteria that lead to health issues. The study of plants (botanist), animals (zoologist), food (biological scientists) and the environment (ecologist) are biology specializations. The desired area of study determines where the biologist will work. Those who study marine biology may be on research ships or may be diving in waters around the world collecting specimens. Some biologists may choose to teach in high schools, colleges or universities. Updated June 2011 Biology, A.S. Degree (60 credits) Academic Advising Plan Biology Core Curriculum (28‐29 credits) BIOL 1154 General

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