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WRTG 293 APA QUIZ Solution Click Link Below To Buy: http://hwcampus.com/shop/wrtg-293-apa-quiz-solution/ 1) Imagine you have a book with the following title: Oversold and Underused: Computers in the Classroom. How would you capitalize the letters in a references list in APA style? 2) Imagine you have found an article on the web that does not have an author and does not identify a sponsoring organization. You would like to use this article as a source for your paper. Your citation for this source in your References list should begin with which of the following? 3) If a quote is 40 words or longer, then 4) You have an article by Muntean that you would like to use in your paper. You want to integrate this source into your writing by using a signal phrase and then quoting from Muntean. This is the first time in your paper that you are citing Muntean. Which of the following methods would be correct in APA style? 5) The following is a good example of how to cite a source in a paragraph: 6) The following is a correct example of citing a source in APA format: 7) Imagine you have found an article by Chen, Burton, Mihaela, and Whittinghill. In that article, the authors cite a quote from Hamari, Koivisto, and Sarsa. You decide to use this quote in your paper. This is an example of citing an indirect source. In other words, you are citing a source that is cited in another paper. Which option would be the correct way to cite the source in APA format and to list the source on the References page in APA format? 8) Then, in the References list, you would list Chen, Burton, Mihaela, and Whittinghill. 9) Consider the following scenario: • You are using a website from the Office of Budget and Economics as a source in your paper. • The year for the website is 2015. • The website is divided into sections • You use

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