Wrongful Conviction: The Role Of Mishaps In The Criminal Justice System

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Introduction The Criminal Justice System was designed to maintain order in society, protect an individual’s rights and enforce the law. This system was designed by the government to prevent crime in a fair and just manner. Oftentimes it has been found that the very system that was designed to serve and protect citizens has failed members of the society in the most despairing way possible, by convicting the wrong person of a crime. According to the Criminal Justice Research Centre, as many as 6,000 persons a year are wrongfully convicted of felonies in the United States. Most of these individuals have spent a minimum of 4 years in prison before they were exonerated. There have been many other cases were a person had spent 30 years of their life in jail for a wrongful conviction. Fortunately, an error was corrected and the case was overturned. But unfortunately those years taken from a person can not be replaced. There are many factors that play a part in a wrongful conviction. But the ones that will be discussed are amongst the highest offenders of these types of mishaps in the criminal justice system.…show more content…
Prosecutors have concealed evidence and presented evidence they knew to be false. This was done to not only win a case but also to appease victims, pacify the public and gain respect from colleagues. Racially motivated decisions in the courtrooms usually occurred when an innocent black citizen was charged for crimes a white person committed. Ken Armstrong & Maurice Possley- Tribune Staff

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