Wrong for My Beliefs Essay

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Wrong for my Beliefs I am wrong in all these aspects! To love, To live, To desire, Is there something so dreadfully wrong with me? That I must be shunned and ostracized? Although I am labeled as a burden amongst the world, Am I not allowed to exist in this world? If I may not be entitled to my opinion Or ears to hear they may be used none (I am vile and hated…) Is it true what they say? “Uhg!! What a freaking loser!!!” Whose opinions are worth but a speck of dust? And yet they compromise my heart; breaking and aching Only in the sweet rapture of earthly repose Shall I be accepted for my pestilence and…? “Abnormalities” My wanton existence and lonely soul; For my preferences, For that which I have kept hidden nearly a millennium Under the thickets of my mind, Never allowing it to slip my lips until now, AND I am judged for it!?! How fair is this modern society that extirpates those For that which to believe? Labeling me a “freak…” When – I -- have done NO wrong… Only in Death shall I be free As my heart quivers of persecution By those who were to: “Love no matter what,” and “Support your decisions?” And what country of freedom is this where Those, for their own preferences, are judged by society, A society meant to embody freedom? But!! Here I am. Deemed “wrong” by my family, Chastised and, once again, cast aside Can I do nothing right? Only in Death, shall my misery cease, Only in Death, shall there be FREEDOM!!! Only in death, will I be loved Only in

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