Wrong Choice In Willa Cather's O Pioneers

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The old saying “Good things come to those who wait” is controversy topic among the world on whether good things truly come to those who wait or if waiting is the wrong choice. In Willa Cather’s novel O Pioneers! Alexandra Bergson inherits the family farmland when her father dies and commits herself to making the divide a stable and prosperous land while others are giving up and leaving. Happiness comes to those who wait in their life rather than those who choose wild and outrageous plans before they have the chance to mature. People who take the time to try new things and allow them to grow and prosper end up accomplishing what most would have failed. In O Pioneers! In “The Wild Land,” Alexandra Bergson achieves happiness by attempting and experiencing new technologies and crops on the divide. While most of the others around her are giving up and leaving, Alexandra makes the risky decision to stay and also to make an effort to try new things (59-62). By waiting, Alexandra eventually…show more content…
Today, many people rush into marriage, having a family, etc, and it turns out not the way they wanted and they end up sad, depressed, lonely, and lost. Marie Shabata in O Pioneers! unfortunately rushes into marriage and lives a miserable unhappy life. Marie marries at a young age, loves her husband, but feels that she isn’t the right wife for him. “Frank would be all right in the right place,” Marie said respectively. “He ought to have a different kind of wife, for one thing” (197). Meanwhile Emil Bergson is infatuated with Marie and wants to be with her. Marie’s husband Frank catches Marie and Emil in an orchard together and shoots both of them leaving them there to die (263). This could have easily been prevented if Marie would have waited a while until she married. Both Marie and Emil are young and still had plenty of time to make life-changing

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