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Queen Gerda: keeps it all in the family She was happily married, lived a happy life with her son and could get anything a woman ever wanted. Her world turned upside down when her husband died, or did it not? By: Anke Degen, London 2012 The famous Queen of Denmark: Queen Gerda, has just lost her husband, the great King Harry. The only thing everybody is talking about is the fact that Gerda married another man on such a short notice. The lucky man was not just somebody, his name is Claude. Nowadays known as King Claude, brother of the late King Harry and prince Harry’s uncle. We are so interested in hearing the story from Queen Gerda herself, and luckily we were able to arrange an interview with her so she can tell us everything about herself and how she experienced the last few month. Rumour is that Gerda was already in love with Claude before King Harry even died. What we are all curious about is what was going on in her mind when her man died and why she decided on marrying Claude. Your husband just passed away about one month ago, how do you feel about losing your husband? ‘The death of my dearest husband fell hard on me. It was so out of the blue and I had not seen it coming at all. Someone you spent your whole life with is suddenly gone, it feels like a part of yourself is gone. I am still grieving every day, every hour and even every second. But moving on is the best thing you can do. I think my King Harry would have wanted me to go on with my life and to be happy.’ You married the brother of your deceased spouse pretty soon after you husband died, do you regret this step? ‘I know I moved on pretty fast, but regret.. no. My new husband Claude is been so loving and helpful to me during my rough times. He was always there when I needed it and being so much with someone makes it hard not to have feelings for that person. Even though you know your

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