Written On The Body, Narrators Gender Essay

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Witten on the Body Through out Written on the Body by Jeanette Winterson, we see how the narrator feels about this woman named Louise. The narrator is in love with this woman and is crazy for her; we are able to recognize this as the novel goes on. As the love stories about Louise go on we are always left wondering the gender of the narrator. We were left guessing the gender through out the entire novel which is a very unique way to write a book. Personally I didn’t really like how the author did this to us as a reader but once I was finished with the book and looked back at it to reflect on what I had I just read, I started to like this way of writing more and more for a couple of different reasons. I didn’t really like how the author didn’t come out and tell us the gender of the narrator because I, as a reader was always left trying to put a gender to this narrator. Through out the book I was always flipping between male and female and sometimes even transsexual, or transgendered. This was because at some points in the noel the narrator would seems to have masculine traits, therefore leading me to believe the narrator was indeed a male. But then as a read on, I would then find myself questioning the gender of the narrator yet again because the author sort of hints that the narrator is a female. After a while of trying to put a gender to this narrator I finally gave up and decided to look at the narrator as both a male and female. It was hard for me to read this book with out knowing the gender but I began to realize towards the end I was never going to know for sure the gender of this person. This was very bothersome at first for me but I finally got over it and instead of going between male or female the narrator was now just a person to me that was just “both” genders to me. After looking at the narrator like this I started to enjoy the book a

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