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Written Communication Exercises Comm/102 Prepared By 1.) Write three paragraphs using the following assignment questions. a. Consider a research paper you have written for a past UOP course. Describe how the means of doing academic research and writing a research paper, applied to that research paper. If you could do that research paper over, how might you change your research process? b. Describe and discuss the differences between a thesis statement, a topic sentence, an explanation, an illustration, and an example. When and how do you use all of these in effective academic writing? What parallel, or lack of parallels do you see with effective business writing? c. Discuss the strategies outlined in The Research Process text Chapter 6 “Gathering Information” for organizing your ideas and gathering information in academic papers that you find the most useful and explain why. By doing research and working on my growing writing skills. I have gainfully learned new writing techniques. By broadening my research tactics I have completed prior writing assignments. In completion of these assignments I can now look back on my grade and possibly note some changes that may be needed in the future. When comparing and contrasting some of the main components in writing it will show my research. By combining all of the components I can successfully begin the process of writing the material that needs to be accomplished. Gathering the information is a vital process when you have to create a report pertaining information needed for the body. I like to gather information and make my own outline for what needs to be completed and in what order it should be in or is assigned to. By gathering such information and creating an outline helps when it comes down to a rough draft when writing. Written Communication Exercises Comm/102 Prepared By
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