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During a state of corruption and desperation Medea, the female protagonist in Euripides’ play Medea, is faced with a series of situations that question her decisions of betrayal to be either “humane or inhumane. ” The literary technique of foreshadowing illuminates the theme of betrayal as well as the internal struggle and perspective of Medea’s situation when her husband, Jason, leaves her in efforts to raise his own social status. Foreshadowing illuminates the theme of betrayal due to the evidence that is drawn from the monologues of Medea, Jason, King Creon, and the servants of the play. The servants of the play, the nurse, tutor, and the messenger provide their perspectives on the events in the house they serve. They also provide a third person perspective to the action of the play, which is useful since they are able to foreshadow the events of the play. The nurse is loyal to the house and to Medea, however she fears of the violent and aggressive behaviors that Medea starts to exhubit. During the nurse’s monologue in the beginning of the play she states, “ She’s a dangerous woman. It won’t be easy for any man who picks a fight with her to think she’s beaten her and he’s triumphed.” This means that Medea is against the idea of having men dominant over her, in other words she is a very strong independent female character. Medea’s strong independence is tied with the idea that she uses this new founded independence, after being separated from her ex-husband Jason, as a drive for her actions of betrayal toward Jason. The tutor can serve as a foil to the nurse to represent the difference between the attitudes of the gender opinions during that time. For example, the nurse is shocked by Jason’s behavior when in contrast the tutor is not surprised and claims that everyone looks out for himself. The tutor foreshadows Medea’s intentions for killing both her sons and
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