Written Assignment Four: Elements of Thought and the Right Questions

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The elements of thought have been stated as the following: All reasoning has a purpose All reasoning is an attempt to figure something out, to settle some question, to solve some problem All reasoning is based on assumptions All reasoning is done from some point of view All reasoning is expressed through, and shaped by concepts and ideas All reasoning contains inferences or interpretations by which we draw conclusions and give meaning to data All reasoning leads somewhere or has implications and consequences (University of Louisville) With these elements being said, I believe that when looking at these elements and then examining the “right questions,” they both have a number of similarities as well as a number of differences within them. When looking at the list of “right questions” you see a lot of the same words that you see when reading about the “elements of thought.” Some words that stood out to me when reading them were assumptions, conclusions, and reasoning. These three words have a lot to do with both of these topics and present good and logical cases in both similarities and differences. Some similarities between these two topics are that I believe they both help you process and understand your thoughts better. I also believe these two topics will help you organize them into different categories and subcategories when answering the “right questions.” Another similarity between these two topics is that they provide almost the same idea within all of their statements. The common words in both of these topics again are assumptions, conclusion and reasoning. When going through these topics no matter if it is the elements or the right questions you need to find the answer to these three commonalities. This, I believe is the strongest similarity between these two topics. Although the number of similarities are not as high and may not seem that
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